Tek 465B

Dave M. <gadget@...>


I will be needing knobs and the blue crt filter for a 465B scope. Can anyone supply a source? I've looked quite a bit on the web with no results.


Dave M.


Dave, considering what they were, the blue implosion shields were
some of the most expensive mechanical parts you could buy from Tek.
I always kept the ones I replaced on the service bench, but they were
always scratched up and I usually ended up cutting them up and using
them for dividers in my parts cabinets drawers.

As for knobs, the 465B, 465, 475, etc. use similar knobs. Let me
know via e-mail which ones you need and I can probably scrounge up
some. The knobs I have are mostly for fixing you up if you are
missing knobs. If you're looking for cosmetic upgrades, my knobs may
not be much of an upgrade.