tek 454 for parts available

Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell@...>


I have a Tek 454 in a 453 case that quit working about 30 years ago. I
suspect power supply caps. In those days my solution involved getting
another scope and I have not checked anything in this machine. Irecall
removing the horizontal output transistors and not sure I put them
back. They seemed to be okay out of circuit. That from 30 year
old memory. Without powering it up I feel pretty sure it has not self
healed with 30+ years on the shelf. I would like it gone. It *will* be
gone in the next couple of days if nobody speaks up. I am in north
central Michigan. The scope is available for pickup. I doubt it is
worth the cost of shipping but that is to be decided by anybody who
wants it.

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