Tek 2467B (B052107) Repair log


1. 2020-Dec-1:Replaced X2 caps on LVPS board
My 2467B smoked in last Aug,found out one of two X2 0.068uf/250V caps burnt,couple days ago I bought new caps and replaced
the two X2 0.068uf/250V caps.,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0

How to remove LVPS module from main frame:
A.remove back cover & metal case:,,,100,2,0,0

B.remove metal cover:,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0

C.remove black plastic cover:,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0

D.remove LVPS module from main frame:,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0

E.separate LVPS circuit boards:,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0,,,100,2,0,0