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Mu 2215A has a fan-like exit port at the back. Does it have a fan?

If not, does it need one? If so, I assume there are list threads about it.

(I have not taken it out of the case to find out.(


On May 9, 2021, at 11:42 AM, satbeginner <castellcorunas@gmail.com> wrote:
Re: [TekScopes] Problems with t935a HV supply
The new one (HV transformer) performed perfectly, so I added the fan ( as in many 22xx scopes) and performed a full calibration.


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I repaired several 2213, 2215 and 2235 scopes, and with all of them I added the fan.
It's a simple 60x60mm 12VDC fan, and with most of the main PCB's the print already has place to put the one resistor, one diode and one capacitor.
I do this because the main course if failure is the secondary switcher, and sometimes the transformer.

Recently I worked on a 2236, and that one had the fan already.

Direction of the airflow is from the inside towards the outside of the scope.

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Jared Cabot

I've uploaded two images detailing how I added a fan into my 2235. As Leo mentioned, it's just a couple of components to add.
It should be roughly equivalent for other 22xx models too.