TDS 620A, 640A, 644A NVRAM


Hi All. I've been trying to get a dump from my three TDS scopes and can't seem to get it to work. The reason I am trying to do this is so I can replace the ds-1650y with fresh ones. I am using the minimal floppy dumper tool by Flyte. This is what I have used as the startup.bat file:
ls "fd0:/"
fd=open("fd0:/dump.bin" ,0x0202 ,0777)
Am I missing some spaces when editing this file? Should it all be on one line? Do I have the wrong addresses? I am at a loss for what to try. The original setup.bat file in the minimal floppy tool dumper from Flyte works but it doesn't look like the right data when I look for the addresses of my options on the scopes. I think that startup bat file is for a TDS 754c or d scope.Can anyone tell me what the correct address are for the startup.bat file for my TDS620A, 640A and 644A scopes would be? Thank you very much in advance.