TDS 5104 back up battery


I have a TDS5104 and a service manual but it doesn't have the back up batter type info. Also, information on whether the back up voltage is needed to replace the replacement voltage during battery replacement (as some devices require). Could someone tell me the type of battery before opening the scope....thanks.

Matti T. Koskinen
Avitron Co.Ky.

Bill Higdon

The only battery I know of in the TDS-5104 is the cmos back on the PC mother board. If you don't have the maintenance manuals from the TEK website get them. There's 1 screw on the top cover over that is shorter than the others, the manual mentions which one it is. It goes into the cover right above the connector for the fan on the motherboard and a normal size one will cause problems overtime.

If the battery is dead you will need to hook up a PS2 keyboard & mouse along with a VGA monitor to setup the BIOS the big thing is the monitor,. I'll look at mine over the week end and get the setting you need to change.