TDS784C 4ch Color 1 GHz Oscilloscope For Sale - Fully Working

Steve Hendrix

I need to make some space on my bench, and for measurements as high as this will go, I usually move to a spectrum analyzer anyway. 4 channels, 1 GHz, color display. GPIB and floppy work; I didn't test serial or Centronics but those rarely fail. All four channels work. Likely out of "official" calibration, but everything looks good by comparing to my other equipment. Includes the deep memory 8 meg option. A bit of sticker residue where someone before me peeled off a sticker or two, top left corner of the face and along the top edge of the front bezel. Seal "calibration void if broken" sticker still intact. Power cord included but no probes or other cables. Missing left rear foot.

I'm asking $500 here (and on other fora that you may be subscribed to) plus shipping, if you can't do local pickup. I'm in northeast Ohio, USA, more specifically about halfway between Cleveland and Akron. I'd prefer local pickup, will even drive a reasonable distance to meet you. Shipping weight will be about 35# (16 KG).