T&M Museum / New Release 1.10

stgraef <stgraef@...>

Hi there,

in between I reworked my online museum.
All visitors are welcome again at http://www.planet-interkom.de/stgraef .

You'll find there some service documents about Tek instruments. Maybe someone
(Stan ?!) can check for errors or so. I also have a large assortment
of spare parts (like the 556 final tubes) - but remember: I'm located in Germany.

I will not comment any replys as I'm on buisness trip for the next two weeks.

If someone has interesting material which should be published for all of us,
please let me know if you have no possibility for an own homepage.

To Stan:

Did you remember all the stuff about the 551/555 interconnection cable?
Do you have any backups? It would be a great help for me - otherwise
I have to check the whole stuff once more.

There is a friend of mine (who will also get this message) who obtains
an online Tek-only museum too. At the moment he scanned some of
his and mine Tek catalogs, and I will convert them to pdf files.
If the stuff is available on CD-ROM we'll let you know.

Check his collection at http://www.tekscope-museum.de

That's all for now. Have a good electron glow!