Success! 5S14N becomes 5S14 with readout OUTSTANDING JOB!


Hi Szabolcs,
I am VERY impressed with what you are doing. I think what you figured out is extremely clever. I hope this suggests possibilities for other members to think "outside the box" for ways they can extend the capabilities of their Tek instruments.

You are absolutely right that the 7S14 was derived from the 5S14 even though everyone thinks it was the other way around. Both the 5S14 and the 7S14 are brilliant plugins that were designed from scratch to make it possible for people already familiar with how a dual trace delayed sweep scope already works to get 1GHz+ capability in a scope that cost only a few thousand dollars.

In addition to being the only way to get delayed sweep with a sampling plugin (the 7S11 and 7T11) can't do that) it is the only way to do 1GHz X versus 1GHz Y displays - another thing the 7S11 / 7T11 can't do. Last but not least, by far, it triggers reliable with almost no fiddling. With the 7S11 / 7T11 it never takes me less than 30 minutes before I get the dam plugins to trigger the way I want them to.

Keep up the great work!

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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I got some questions on this, so I did a short writeup on it, and also the design files are available from there.


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I have successfully retrofitted the 5S14N sampling plugin with readout
for use with the 54xx scopes, by basically recreating the 7S14 readout
board and wiring it in, thus creating a 5S14.

See the photos:

If there is any interest, I'm willing to do a little description of
the project, and share the design files.
I have a couple of PCBs which I can give out for the price of the postage.
Mostly probably useful in the EU, elsewhere it will likely be cheaper
just to get them from China.

Let me know if anyone is interested, then I'll take the time in the
coming days to do a writeup on it, as while it is not a complex
project, there were some obstacles, which may be interesting to share.


Dennis Tillman W7pF
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