Sphere's Holiday Stuff Season is now open....


Let's face it, right about now, EVERYBODY needs some cheering up. We have put all kinds of goodies on the Holiday Stuff Season page, HP/Agilent, Tek, Fluke and more, plus all kinds of amazing, dirt cheap, hard to find parts. Don't miss the CRT and Free Stuff sections too. Summer items have been discounted to make them fit comfortably in your Christmas stocking. Some great deals on genuine Tek probes too.

Please drop by for some cheering up, we're just sorry we can't welcome you in person.
New items get added every day, and the page is open until January 5th. Every Stuff Season shipment gets a free
goodie bag included, you never know what may be in it!

All the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
Sphere Research Corp.

Jared Cabot

I'd love to buy some stuff, but unfortunately shipping quotes all the way to Japan have always been prohibitively expensive. :P :D