sorry to bother you all with that last posting...


Sorry that my email reply meant for Andrew in Sydney went out to the group.
I didn't check the reply address before I hit the send button (and I also
didn't correct the subject title). It's kinda late and I'm getting rummy I

As long as I'm here, my thanks to Dean Huster for the earlier suggestion
regarding a substitute for the air filter element for a 465B. A generic
Scotchbrite pad did indeed work well.

By the way, according to my neighbor who designed the TAS 465 horizontal amp,
the TAS 220 and 250 did originate from the Orient but the TAS 455/465/475/485
were Beaverton designed.

In another bit of trivia, the serial number for my TAS 465 starts with "BR"
as opposed to the expected "B0"; another neighbor suggests the "R" is
intentionally inserted into the SN when an instrument is refurbished. He
works in sales for a print server company, not Tek, but claims that it is a
legal requirement to put the "R" in. Indeed, my TAS has a Tek refurbished
sticker on it also. I thought I'd throw that one out there for comment as
I've not come across an official meaning for the "BR" yet. Does this make
sense to anyone?