Service manual cost from Tek


After reading John Miles' recent post informing of the "resources for you"
section of the Tek web site, I requested via that channel availability and
pricing for a TAS 465 service manual. I've been spectacularly unsuccessful
in locating a manual through the usual second hand sources. I received a
prompt, detailed response from a person in "Tektronix Parts Research" giving
the appropriate manual part number for my scope's serial number. He said it
was available for "$370 MSRP". Shipping is a further $24.95 (based on dollar
amount---orders over $1000 ship free!).

You read that right folks, nearly four hundred dollars to get a service
manual. And I live only a few miles from the Tek main campus (though, I
don't know if they would allow me to pick it up for a reduced shipping

By the way, the same message said there is no return on manuals (as one would
expect) and a $100 restocking fee on parts (better make sure that's the right
knob you want, buddy....).

Prior to receiving the quote, I was trying to get myself used to $120 as the
price to get a service manual through Tek (based on what I've found was the
incremental cost to add a service manual to a new scope order). Boy was I
off. I love Tek, and think there equipment is tops, but $395 is pretty
serious change for a commoner like me. Especially if it turns out I can't
fix the scope anyway. I am very glad they sell the manual, but as a
practical matter it's almost as if they didn't. Maybe there is some price
reduction leeway in the phrase "MSRP" which might give me a break, as I sent
the message with my company name included, though the actual purchase would
be a personal one by me only.

The only thing I can think of to do is forward the info to Surplus Sales on
the off chance they would buy the manual for use in their manual rental
business. I can only wonder if, at their normal $25 a week rental charge,
whether they could recoup the investment. Could there be 15 other guys out
there like me?

Thought this would be interesting info to go with all the copyright talk.
I'm not complaining, just surprised.