RIFA madness (Re: [TekScopes] 2215 CRT problem, PSU filtering?)

Carsten Bormann

On 2020-06-29, at 08:33, Maxsimmonds1337@... wrote:

That's interesting about the RIFA caps, are they worse at 50Hz? I've never had any run ins with them before - I just know they tend to crack and I can see they have on this!
They are more likely to explode when fed 230 V ~, and that is often what comes with 50 Hz (I know, not in east Japan, Jamaica, Curaçao, Bonaire, Barbados, and a few parts of other countries). If they are cracked, and there is any potential of moisture having crept in or creeping in (i.e., you don’t live in Phoenix, Arizona), they *will* explode, so it is a good idea to change them. Use a replacement that has a real plastic container, not the same broken clear epoxy dip again. Being a German, I like WIMA (even though they did similar exploding metal/paper caps in the 1980s…).

for a couple of mild cases captured on camera.
Do wear protective eyewear when you need to work on them with power on!

Grüße, Carsten