PM-Re: [TekScopes] Message from your fearless (foolish?) leader


we the children have been really good during your unknown forced absence, google has caused issues for me not giving me my messages with thunderbird...also a what??? why??? nothing on my end was changed..etc.... I guess they fix things till it changing settings without telling me!. darned kids.....

All the best and a speedy recovery for truly is amazing what medical science is able to do today.

being I have been taking care of my mom for the last year.  it is not easy, So, let the little things slide a bit and do as ya can...stay on top of the important Marian the 5 pups!

Renée, K6FSB

On 3/15/21 6:33 PM, Dennis Tillman W7pF wrote:
Last Tuesday afternoon, Mar 9, for some unexplained reason began
sending me messages that emails addressed to me from the groups I
belong to were bouncing.
That came in to my InBox about the time I was getting my wife, Marian, ready
for a hip replacement surgery early the following morning.

I didn't have a minute to myself from just before those notices started to
appear from until Saturday morning to look at my email.

A few hours later on Tuesday notified me that they were suspending
all email to me until I told them it was OK to resume sending it again. They
never explained why it was bouncing but on Saturday when I told them it was
OK to start sending it again they did. It was as if there was never a
problem in the first place. I still have no idea why this happened.

More importantly, I have no idea if I missed anything important. If I didn't
then I'm quite happy you all behaved yourselves :) :) :) in my enforced

Update on Marian: The hip replacement was a complete success. This is an
amazing operation with patients walking again without assistance (except for
a cane for a while) in a few weeks. At one point in the operation a surgical
robot is used (a first as far as I'm concerned). Almost a week after the
operation she is walking slowly with the aid of a walker. The biggest issue
at this point is pain from the incision and difficulty sleeping for very
long. Most of the pain meds make her dizzy, give her indigestion, cause her
constipation, and generally disagree with her so she has few choices to deal
with the pain. The pain makes it difficult for her to sleep.

Marian will remain home recuperating for the next 10 days. During that time
I have to do all the things she used to do for us. I had no idea how much
that involved. I'm exhausted most of the day while I take care of her needs;
do all the food shopping she used to do; walk, feed, and entertain our 5
Golden Retrievers, and try to cope with over 100 emails each day.

I appreciate, in advance, your concern for Marian and I apologize for not
responding to you get well wishes although I will pass them along as soon as
I get a chance to check in on TekScopes.

Dennis Tillman W7pF
Your fearless (foolish?) leader