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On 2020-10-07 11:24 p.m., Bill Perkins wrote:
    I think I have copy of that here:

and the beginning of my rework is here:

    There's miles of stuff here:

    And then there's this:

    "Applications Manual for Operational Amplifiers, for Modelling,
Measuring, Manipulating, and Much Else. A Library of Practical Feedback
Circuits. 2.ed" here:;redir_esc=y

Actually that's the one that I meant. I wasn't aware there was a newer
different book - sorry for introducing confusion.

The latter is also here:


but you can't buy it.

    Bill Perkins   

Another oldie but goodie is: Teledyne Philbrick’s: “Applications
Manual for Operational Amplifiers”. I don’t know if this is online
anywhere, but it is a true classic which explains all about Op Amps
(circa 1968).
It IS online, and it's a real beauty. I'd love a paper copy one day.


Randy Newman

W/r/t Toby’s link to Analog Devices ( YES!
Analog Devices has excellent tutorial information. I noted a few examples on the previous topic (oops!).
Dan Sheingold of AD used to work for Philbrick, hence the tie to the Philbrick literature. Also check out The Lightning Empiricist by Philbrick. It is extremely interesting. Again, from when slide rules ruled.

Checking the Texas Instruments site should also bear fruit, as they have always had excellent reference materials. Reading AD’s “Analog Dialogue” used to be a favorite pastime in my early career. Also analog design info from T.I. And, of course, do not forget all the fantastic application notes from Linear Technologies’ Jim Williams. (a huge Tek fan)- sadly no longer with us. Jim also wrote 2 excellent books on Analog design.

Happy reading!