OUTSTANDING NOTES! Topic Was: Persuading a 7S12 to play nice with a 7934.


Hi Richard,


I have never seen anything that even comes close to the notes you placed in TekScopes as you documented the things you tried to get the 7S12 to work with the 7934 Storage Scope. Tektronix has always been an industry leader for their documentation but your notes make them look barely adequate by comparison.

I have never seen any documentation that is as BEAUTIFUL, DETAILED, COMPREHENSIVE, CONCISE, and ORGANIZED as your notes. The graphics, parts photographs, screen shots, schematics captures, and everything you put into this PDF is gorgeous.

Where did you learn how to do this? Was this something you saw done elsewhere or have you developed this system you use on your own?

The best thing I ever documented was my article on the little adapter I designed to test vacuum tubes on a Tektronix Semiconductor Curve Tracer. I was very proud of that until I saw what you were capable of.


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I tried replacing the 2N3904 with a 2N2369A and the result was only a marginal improvement. I have updated my notes [here](https://groups.io/g/TekScopes/files/7S12%20in%207934/7S12%20in%207934%20v2.pdf). I think I shall just go with reducing the pullup resistor to 6kΩ.

Dennis Tillman W7pF
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Richard Steedman

Thanks for your very kind words Dennis. I decided to write everything up after getting myself thoroughly confused by the discrepancies in the various versions of the 7S12 manual and after Albert pointed out the strange alternative sweep behavior. I have no formal training in graphics design or desktop publishing - I just used gimp to clean up my scope screenshots, MS Word to create the doc and PrimoPDF to print the doc as a PDF file. MS Word has a nice table feature and I used "center-justified" tabs to line up some of the photos and captions. One thing that comes to mind after this experience is that, as moderator, you might like to consider enabling the "edit posts" feature for this group. Due to the Tek documentation discrepancies, my initial posts in the "Persuading..." thread contain errors and it would be nice to be able to go back and correct these so that others reading the thread don't suffer the same confusion I initially had.