Off topic & Images attached


I think the only really bad part about off-topic posts (off topi in terms of NOT being Tek directly related) is that these threads go on forever with THE WRONG & TOTALLY MISLEADING TITLE. say what you want to say if you think it's valuable to others, but please,FIX THE TITLE so we know what you are talking about, how hard can that be for everybody?

I am conflicted over images attached, I see it in other groups, and it works fine, but we do address it in other ways that work, so I am not deeply wounded if we can't have them with messages directly. One bad aspect is that cellphones take very large images, so that casual attachment can be 2.4Mb for a knob picture, while I can edit one down to be 24Kb. I do think the laziness factor will make people careless with storage space and file size, but on the other hand sometimes it really helps to see a picture to understand the topic of the post, and frankly searching for specific images is no delight even on

anyway, just my thoughts, I am Ok whichever direction we go image wise , but I am tired of posts hijacked into five different and unrelated topics, all with the same now totally irrelevant title.
all the best,
sphere research corp.