New (to me) 2465 Power On State


I just got a 2465 in pretty good condition (one sharp dent in the case, a broken corner on the rear bezel, disintegrated rear cord-wrap feet, and a bent shaft on the SEC/DIV VAR knob) but after a bit of struggling, an application of pliers, and some minor metal work, it's almost as good as new. I ran through a bunch of functions, somewhat haphazardly, and checked that I could see traces on all four channels, all of which seemed to work, within the limits of my equipment and skill. The main SEC/DIV knob seems to have some trouble when setting a delayed sweep more than a few positions in advance of the main sweep, but I haven't investigated enough to really understand what's happening.

When I first got it it would show a diagonal line on the screen on power up with the messages "DIAGNOSTIC. PUSH A/B TRIG TO EXIT" and "CT TEST 81 FAIL 03 BU<F110>". When I opened it up I found a cable had been rudely disconnected from the control board (J502 which transmits some EAROM signals to the option boards). I straightened the bent pins and reconnected the cable before addressing the dented case and reassembling the unit. When it was reassembled it still showed the diagonal line on the screen, but now the message at the bottom of the screen reads "ALL 00 PASS BU<F110>".

Is the instrument always supposed to start up in diagnostic mode? Do I need to do something to take it out of diagnostic mode?

-- Jeff Dutky


On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 3:25 PM Jeff Dutky <> wrote:

Is the instrument always supposed to start up in diagnostic mode? Do I
need to do something to take it out of diagnostic mode?
I believe if you run "CYCLE ERROR CLEAR", which is "Exerciser 3" on a 2465,
you'll clear the error and go directly to operating mode on startup in the


Thanks Siggi, that did the trick. I'm glad that I did not have to open it up and set a jumper.

I was a bit worried about this scope, as I've heard sob stories about blown custom ASICs on the main board, and the dent in the case spoke to serious mishandling of the unit, but it seems to be in pretty good condition. It came with the pouch attached, but no face cover, which I gather is hard to come by, especially for a unit with the DMM option. I cut a cover from packing foam so that I could stand the unit on its face without damagin the knobs.

I've downloaded the manuals (man, there are a lot of them: I've got a 2465 DMS which has almost all the options, so two manuals per option as well as the scope's operators and service manuals) and will familiarize myself with them before asking more questions.

-- Jeff Dutky