Neutrik RT-1M audio spectrum analyzer


f any of you have these systems, you know that they are 100% useless without software, and no software is available from the maker for them beyond a demo file. This was annoying, and we had some time at Sphere Research to look at this.

Back in 2010, as an experiment with a workterm student, we looked at making the unit work as
a full function swept analyzer, not the impulse analyzer it is normally. this software runs under XP (only),
and has some restrictions with regard to IEEE488 adaptors. however, it is way better than nothing.

After many false starts, we were successful, and got some great results with these stereo analyzers.
I have a several systems left, and have all the software files. If anybody is interested in these, let me know, I am happy to provide the software we wrote to users (has to be firmware 3.10 and beyond, preferably 3.20) who have none. I hate to see these systems go to waste.

Please contact me off list for more info,
best regards,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corporation