(nearly) free scope carts in/near Boston; offers on 7834 and 7904 - not shipping anything sorry


Having moved up to an 11801 and TDS694, I now have three Type 3 and K213 carts (unclear on the difference) surplus to needs. Two in downtown Boston, one in Waltham. Pick them up and they're yours for $20 ea. Delivery somewhere not too far away and we can work something out. I'll also entertain local offers on a 7904 or 7834 that 'ran when parked' perhaps five years ago. I just don't need redundant 7000 gear anymore.

Bill Riches

Hi Christian,

I am interested in your 7904. Give me a shout!


Bill, WA2DVU
Cape May, NJ
609 425 8651


Good morning

I’m interested in a cart or two. Located in MA.

Brian St Pierre