More Tek Calibrators and 11K spares added to Stuff Day, plus a Tek 2216


I got a few more requests for additional scope calibration items for Tek, so added them today, along with an unusual 4 channel analog/digital Tek 2216. I bet you haven't seen one of THOSE before...
I think I have another 7K frame standardizer too if anybody needs one.

you can see everything at the stuff day page here:

I have a working Tek 2230 and 2430 still to add, and a 2465, all going very cheaply, just takes a while to shoot everything and post it. It was so much easier to just lay it out on shelves for stuff day in the past...

also added a new category on the page, LED stuff, some amazing things in there, left over from my avionics panel design days. should be useful to somebody.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.



I hope all is well. I sent Susan an email about two items listed and haven't heard back.