More stuff season goodies all weekend...


The on line stuff day event has worked out great, with over 3700 visitors, it's been great to have people far away enjoy the activity there, as opposed to just those that drive up to Sphere. you can visit here:

there's lots of interesting Tek, Fluke and HP stuff, and literally thousands of power semiconductors and other component goodies. And of course free stuff of all kinds we add to the shipments. We will be posting more things all weekend, so stop by if you have some time to kill on the net. I added some fast navigation at the top so you can zip right to the various sections. Don't forget the huge pile of CRTs we are clearing out, this will be the last chance to get many of these, as we won't be stocking more in the future once these are gone, jut take up WAY too much space.

hope to see you there!
all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

Martin Whybrow

FYI Walter, the HP 44702B 13 bit DMM Module that you can't identify appears to fit the HP Data Acquisition / Control Unit - 3497A; there's one on eBay in the UK at the moment and it's clearly got the same module installed.