Looking for a push-pull switched potentiometer.

Jared Cabot

Hi all.

I'm currently repairing my TM500 module TG501A which seems to have been dropped on its face in a previous life, and I need to repair the 100ohm potentiometer inside as the rod connecting the knob to the pot has damaged the switch section of the pot when it was slammed inwards during the unscheduled impact test.

Does anyone have a Tek part number 311-2351-00 potentiometer, or any other Clarostat brand pot that looks like the one in this photo?

I specifically need the 4-pin switch section at the rear to swap into my pot assembly, as these pots are modular and can have sections interchanged with the liberal use of a drill bit on the rivets holding them together to disassemble them, so the actual resistance value etc doesn't matter as long as it has the NO/NC switch section.

I have paypal funds standing by for anyone who can send a part to me in Japan.