KiCAD 6 is coming shortly


A big milestone is coming this spring for KiCAD (schematic/PCB software).
this new version is a very powerful tool, and 6 adds microwave/RF layout features and a lot
of other goodies. For everybody that has groaned over the initial cost and ongoing support cost
of other eCAD tools this can be important news.

If you are unable to afford the big seat cost of altium/Orcad, you may really want to look at this open-source tool.
it is multi-platform (MacOS/Win/Linux) and free, with huge library support from Digikey and Mouser.
CERN is the driving and coordinating group for this in europe, and is well funded long-term.
The software is already 30 years old.

Here's the latest 6 update info:

Just passing it along, as coupled with the huge security and cost benefits of an OS like Ubuntu,
it can really help you deploy a lot of capability and reliability for virtually no cost, whether you are a home user or company.
I have used most eCAD tools (including KiCAD), and the new changes really make this look appealing to me.
If as a Windows user, you really miss the once free eCAD tools that used to be available, here's a chance to get
a truly professional grade tool in an affordable way. If you add in LTspice, you have a great engineering suite for free.

the home KiCAD site is here:

all for today, hope everybody there is well and safe,
walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.