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On 2020-10-15 3:56 p.m., Tom Lee wrote:
Those who are interested in learning more about the amazing technology
of scope CRTs might want to read Pete Keller's terrific book on the
subject. See
Thanks for the link! But looks like parts 1, 2, 3 and 5 are missing?

Tektronix also published "Storage Cathode-Ray Tubes and Circuits" and
"Cathode-Ray Tubes" (Chuck DeVere and Bob Orwiler) in their Circuit
Concepts series. Both are online.


And Hans Springer's article on the 7104 discusses the microchannel-plate
CRT used in that scope. The physics of that bottle is mindblowingly

-- Tom

John Williams

Tom Lee

Thanks, John. It looks like the file names got modified a little bit between the time tekwiki linked to them and now.

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On 10/15/2020 14:45, John Williams wrote:
The link to all parts is


On 2020-10-15 5:45 p.m., John Williams wrote:
The link to all parts is

Thanks very much!


Just DL the complete book in PDF at this site;
It´s opensource so free for everyone :-)


Peter H

Link replaced!