Interesting HP production test fixture, even Tek guys will like it.


Every so often, I get some intriguing test gear from inside places that make test gear. It's fascinating to see what they use themselves. I just overhauled and posted such an item, an HP K09-0982B, a variable 115/230V AC Power supply, used to check the effects of different AC supply voltages on finished gear. Since many here often discuss slowly ramping up the AC to items that have been sitting a long time, I thought it might be of interest. you can see it here:

I also have some other strange HP fixtures used to control a large series of AC outlets with serial commands, for controlled power cycling, presumably for reliability testing. I haven't posted it up yet, but let me know if anybody finds that interesting. There's lots of weird microwave bits on the stuff season page too, so wander around, you may find something you like, which will make Susan very happy if it leaves here.

Let me know any requests, always happy to put up things people are actually interested in.
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