[HP-Agilent-Keysight-equipment] OFF TOPIC QUESTION Fluke/Philips PM3350A scope


On 2020-10-04 12:06 p.m., ken chalfant wrote:

On Friday last I was at the local surplus store, which is giving up after 30 years, and ran across a Fluke/Philips PM3350A scope in fantastic condition. I bought it for a modest $40.00.

I have downloaded a User's Manual but it is rather silent surrounding my question. Perhaps I have overlooked the information I seek.

It’s silly - all of the analog and digital functions of this scope seem properly functional. Of course, I need to play with it and learn its menus, but it appears to be in excellent condition.

The one exception is the “Scale illuminator”. Turning the knob does nothing and out of all the features and functions of this scope that is surprising. To the best of my knowledge the User’s Manual is silent on the scale illuminator except to mention its location.

Does anyone know if the illuminator only works under certain settings or conditions which I haven’t stumbled across yet?

Is it a side illuminated graticule like 500 series Tek scopes employing little lamps, or a CRT flood gun similar to the old HP 180 series?
Perhaps its incandescent bulbs are blown?


As long as I am asking for your indulgence for my off topic questions does anyone have an original printed User’s Manual for this scope which you no longer need?

You are most welcome to PM me.

Thanks for you time and consideration.