FS: Tek Scope Cal Equipment: CG5011 W/Heads, PG506, TG501, SG503


Greetings Group,

I am selling some of my Tek scope cal equipment that is surplus to my need. I want to thin the herd a bit. So, I am offering this equipment here.

Pictures posted in the photos section.

Tek/Tegam CG5011 Programmable Calibration Generator with the Pulse and Comparator output heads.The Pulse Head also has "through" function for voltage and timing cal functions.
The Comparator head is used in the adjustment of a scope calibrator output.
The CG5011 requires three slots in a TM5000 mainframe, it is not compatible with TM500.
Has a new NVRAM installed.

Tek PG506, SG503, and TG501; these are the ubiquitous trio of sources for scope cal, and are compatible with either TM500 or TM5000 mainframes.I am including for the SG503 one of the very rare precision 50 ohm cables, 012-0482-00.

All these are in good working condition, the cosmetics vary, ie; Some of the knobs have been repaired, the PG506, SG503, and TG501 have the typical missing plastic faceplate corners, two are missing the pull-tabs, I don't have the parts to replace them...

All of these units have been tested and work properly, adjusted in my lab, but not traceable. Sold as-is. Sorry, but sold/shipped in the US only, no export.


The CG5011 as described w/ the heads: $1100 shipped CONUS
The "trio" as described: $850 shipped CONUS

Please note! DM me with questions that are not of general interest so as minimize bandwidth!



The PG506, TG501, and SG503 have been sold, thank you!