FS: Original Tek 576 Op/Serv Manual and Type 172 Programmable Test Fixture $US200.00 for both

Liam Perkins

The 576 manual is the August 1984 revision and in excellent condition.

The "Type 172 Programmable Test Fixture" for the 576 is in likewise
excellent shape.

I want to sell them as a pair, they'll ship from Calgary, AB, Canada and
UPS Ground into the ConUS I guess might run $US50-75.00, depending

The 172 comes with a programming card and I swear up and down I have a slew
of original pins and an extra couple of programming cards sitting in one
those places where I'll be -sure- to be able to locate them. They're
included once I do.

A cleaned up, OCR-d copy of the manual from the TekWiki is here:


It being about half the size of the original, maybe someone would up' that
to the TekWiki.

PayPal pretty much works but for unknown "reasons" that I ascribe to brain
dead AI it has begun randomly withholding payments into and transfers out
of the account, so I'll ask that any payment be sent as, "Money to those
you trust" or whatever they call it these days.

Hit me off list please at sales – at – pearl-hifi – dot – com