Free Tek 422 for parts/fixer upper

Chris Beck <europachris@...>

I have a clean Tek 422 but it does not work. I was told it was the power
supply and that there may be a flyback problem. I haven't verified either
problem, and just don't have the time or the desire to track it down. I
looked around in the power supply and didn't see any obvious signs of
distress, so who knows. The fellow who gave it to me is a chief engineer at a
TV station, so I would assume he knew what he was looking at.

I've got my big 535A anchor and a small Hitachi 40mHz scope for when I need
portablilty, so I'd rather see it go to a good home (USA, preferably) as a
parts donor or fixer-upper project.

The scope is REALLY clean, but the foam lining of the accessory area in the
front cover turned to goo long ago. It would need a bit of elbow grease to
clean it up and replace it. I think there may even be a probe and power cord
in there, I'll have to check.

So, it is free for the asking, all I ask is the "buyer" pay the shipping.
I'll box it up real well so it won't get wrecked.


Chris Beck
West Bend, Wis.

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Daniel Nespoulous <f1bud@...>

Thank you very much but I seek just the crt. The 2215 that I have in is very good state.


Daniel Nespoulous F1BUD