Free older DRAM and SRAM, plus mystery National 07AN smd parts


I found a small stash of older memory parts, all safely anti-static stored:
MK4516N-15 (8)
MCM4164BP15 (16)
AM9101PC/P2101-2 (2)
MBM2147E (1)
SMJ4016-20JDM (8)
Free to anybody that can use them. Also have a medium roll of tiny SMD parts from national, had to use a magnifier to see the package markings: <logo> 07AN X2322 SLBC. free to a good home. I couldn't find a reference to this code. You can have all or some of these parts, as you wish. Might bring something good back to life.

walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.