Found some more Tek TDs...


Cleaning up a big box of used parts stripped from Tek plug ins and scopes, I found 6 tunnel diodes.
These are pulls, so can't speak to their functionality, but I am happy to try any test you want, although
I am reluctant to try an ohmmeter on them.

I found these:
1 ea. 152-0125
2 ea. 1N3717
1 ea. 152-0140
2 I just can't read, one says just AU on it, and one has a number like 6918?
these last two look slightly different, and the long numbered one has a steel case, not gold,
but looks identical.

anyway, I am happy to send any you need if you pay for postage, a padded envelope is around US$7.
all the best for mother's day!
-walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.