Found some 1N3719 10mA tunnel diodes


I am not sure if these are useful in any Tek trigger circuits (I seem to recall the currents are usually lower) , but I came across 3 new factory sealed, tiny gold tunnel diodes, GE 1N3719. The data says 10mA peak point current, so I suppose that is the key parameter. In any case, no use to me, can sell and ship them very cheaply to anybody that can use them. have a good and safe easter weekend!

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The 10mA tunnel diodes are used in the 475 and 485 trigger circuits. The 465 uses 4.7mA diodes.

Bob Haas


The 475 uses 1N3718, 10 mA, 25 pF. I am under the impression that the capacitance matters too, based purely on the fact that Tek called it out in the parts list.

-- Jeff Dutky