Found a new 010-0262-00 Tek 211 probe, can be yours if you need it.-


This is that odd L-shaped scope probe that is hard-wired into the little low frequency 211 mini-scopes. Hakan confirmed it fits the 211 for sure below B080000, and it may also work in the 212 and 214, although the suffix there is -01 or -02. Anyway, no use to me, it's new and with a peltola jumper cable (no idea why). Contact me off list and I can send it to you. Postage is maybe US$8 in north america. Hopefully it will bring some unit back to life.

Fires burning like crazy up here, so far we are still OK in Kelowna, hoping we don't lose power.
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sphere research corp. still lots of great stuff on this page.