DIY 285 - anyone have CAD/boards/etc to speed the plow?


And here we are, only 12 years after I originally planned to do this. How time goes by. I've had a couple of inquiries - yes, I've been away for quite some time. Dramatic alteration of life priorities. Now that I find myself willfully unemployed, there are a lot of old dusty boxes full of treasure that are being unearthed. Among them is the S-52 that I wasn't so sure about, originally; turns out that it's pretty important to use the pretrigger out to trigger your scope, EVEN IF it is a digital machine that can do the pretriggering for you. All that kickout nonsense sure confuses the situation, otherwise.

I just spent an enjoyable few hours with it, and a couple benchtop supplies, and an 11801A/S24 setup I didn't have last time (YEAH quad diff TDR action) checking it out. Right as rain; very satisfying. Devolving the rise time, it sure looks like I'm getting better than 15pS out of this pulser. So that's pretty great. (Has anyone put theirs on a 50+ GHz machine? The old PSPL notes are not really helpful here, since they switched to different pulsers past about 20GHz as far as I can tell.)

And now that I have a 3D printer and all that sort of stuff I'm going to make a quality receptacle, and make some boards as a way to learn KiCad, but I figure I should ask if anybody already has artwork or solid models or whatever that would give me a leg up?