DC505A weirdness

Dave Seiter

A while back, I picked up a DC505A cheap, and after a quick check that revealed no counting behavior, I consigned it to the projects pile.  Yesterday I pulled it out again to have another go and no joy, but then I accidentally knocked my 10MHz signal source off the bench and caught the counter display change.  After 45 minutes of really random behavior, I discovered that the center leads of both inputs were not soldered- they were just perfectly aligned to look like they were properly attached.  Also, both level pots had been rotated about 80º CCW. I can understand someone working on it and forgetting to resolder the leads, but why rotate both pots the same way?  The unit actually works well except for one dead segment of the LSD.  And the broken front plastic panel, of course- I've been playing with printing a new one, but it's challenging...