D34 ghosting blur

Ondrej Pavelka

Hello to the group,
Any suggestions what could be causing this sort of blur which is modulated by the signal? It's strange fog. When I had this Telequipment D34 open I have changed capacitors on both the vertical and horizontal boards. Since it's battery operated this interference doesn't come from outside.


Hi Ondrej,
see that post:

The shadow / flare effect is explained


Ondrej Pavelka

Ahhh I see, so it's a feature not a fault, Denises explanation is really thorough and easy to understand.
Since I replaced the Telequipment special blanking JFET with generic J113 I wasn't sure if what I'm seeing isn't insufficiently closed jfet and therefore what I'm seeing is not some aftereffect of returning blanked beam.
It's good to learn there's nothing wrong with the machine