Cure for Delrin woes?

Steve B.


Middle-aged Tek gear has it's share of this miserable material and
it's close relatives in cracked/shattered condition. While at a
motorcycle rally last week, I saw demonstrated an instant hi-strength
ahhesive that bonds all plastics, inc Delrin AND Teflon! Actually,
anything solid free of grease/oil. Immmune to UV degredation and
stable to appx 250 F. Unbelievable! It appears to work.
Contact Ronald Janek at PRS Technologies, 614-985-3815, Re CoolChem
Cyanopoxy systems. Be advised it is not cheap.
The world is full of derivitave & over-rated glues. I've tried a lot
of them, so have you. This appears to be something new that actually
Worth a try on broken irreplaceable & unique parts, I think.

Rgds; Steve