Common 2465B problems - Re: [TekScopes] 2465B display shift off screen


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I have a 2465B whose front panel is a bit flaky. Most of the time it's
usable, but it occasionally has freakouts where the LEDs flash, display
flashes, etc.

It's specifically touchy around triggering:
* Coupling mode switch doesn't operate (stuck on DC)
* Trigger source switch doesn't operate (stuck on CH1)
* Sometimes trigger level changes on its own accord

Is this sort of thing typical for the model? Is it worth trying to look
into front panel issues?


On 2020-11-10 4:56 p.m., John Gord via wrote:
It may be the dreaded U800 horizontal chip failure.
--John Gord

On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 11:21 PM, mill_glen_chevy wrote:


I have a 2465B on my bench that shifted the entire display to the far left
when I turned my back on it. I can just see the ends of the traces at the left
edge of the screen when I adjust the position far right.

Any ideas where to start looking?
Brian St Pierre


I would check the flatcables first, maybe reseat them.

Saludos, Leo


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Hijacking this thread under a new subject.
Why not just make a new subject instead of hijacking? There are many different threads about the 2465B, which is the only thing common between the thread you're hijacking and your subject, which has nothing to do with a display shift.