Caps for a TM5006


I have a TM5006 power frame that does need a capacitor refresh. My unit is one of the early production, and the ripple is bad. Does any one have a recommendation as to a brand or type of capacitor to use as the replacement. I have been looking for caps that are switching supplies rated but I am not finding much. I want to get this frame cleaned up and worry free for the long haul. So I do not mind spending a bit on the replacements. Just trying to figure out what to order up.

Mark Vincent


The caps you should use on the mains would be Nichicon LGR 1200mfd 250V (C1210 and C1510). This LGR is what I use to restuff the 950mfd in the 7000 series. The 3mfd, C1240, can be a film type at 400V or more (667-ECW-FD2J335JB). C1530 and C1560 can be 647-ULD1H4R7MDD1TD. The ones for the 8V can be 5985-16V15000 (CDE 381LX). For the 26V supplies: 647-UHE1H122MHD6 or 647-UHE1H152MHD and 647-UHE1H471MHD6. On the Control Circuit Regulator: 647-UHE1E471MPD6TD (C2260), (C2051 and C2060) 647-ULD1C221MPD, For the 10mfd can be 647-ULD1H100MDD1TD or 647-ULD1E470MDD1TD for more capacitance. You may have to get different diameter/length if the ones listed are too wide. The parts are from Mouser. These caps are suited for high frequency. They are low ESR and long life. Most of the values listed here are higher than original which will give better filtering. Check the power handling transistors to see if they are leaky/open/too low hfe. If you need any 450V snap-in types for any other circuits/projects/etc., there is a new LGZ that is out. Have fun bringing your item back to proper condition with worry-free operation.