Ballantine Calibrator manual

Bruce Lane

Fellow Tekkies,

You find the darndest things when you're cleaning up. In this case, it
was a clean reproduction of the operating and service manuals for the
Ballantine Labs 6127B O-Scope calibrator.

I've scanned it into PDF form, and am in the process of cleaning it up,
organizing the pages, etc. Once that's done, I'll post it to the group's
file area and make it available on my archive (and KO4BB's, of course).

You're welcome. ;-)

Bruce Lane, ARS KC7GR
kyrrin (at) bluefeathertech dot com
"Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati" (Red Green)

Ken Eckert

Thank you!

I have scanned and uploaded the Ballantine 6126M manual to KO4bb and BAMA. I have an early and late 6125B/C manual that is in the que to be scanned and uploaded...