Alternative for Snap-On knobs on 22XX and 24XX scopes??


Hello all,

I have the Tek-virus, that means: I buy a broken scope for parts to repair one of my projects, but in the end I just cannot take it apart, so I will fix that one too.... ;-)

Since I love the 24XX series and the 22XX series too, the reality of life is, these little Snap-On knobs are always missing.
And because I am Dutch (they call us cheap :-) ), I just refuse to pay $6 or €5 per knob to replace them! (Except for my 2467B, that one is special!)

That is why I started looking for a reasonable alternative, and I might have found something.
On AliExpress I found these cheap knobs of which I thought, these might fit.

I immediately admit, they are NOT original, they have the wrong color, but still, look for yourself here:

How I did it:

First I ordered these knobs: in grey, not black. (No affiliation with the seller!)

Second, by hand, I removed most of the inside of the knob, that even left a little slot at the end, almost like in the original knobs.
You can see this in the pictures I uploaded.

Mind you, it seems that the dark gray Tek parts (on my 2235) where the knobs snap on are slightly shorter than the white ones (at least on my 2465B), so for the dark grey ones, use a 6.5mm drill.
For the white ones, use a 7mm drill. (I have no idea what that would be in Imperial???)

I just put the drill in a vice, and by forcing the knob by hand on the drill, I removed the little plastic parts, used for a D-shaped shaft, from the inside of the knob.

As someone else (Chuck or Dennis ?) suggested before, just use a little bit of silicone to "glue" them on, so that they can be removed again if necessary.
For the pictures, they were put on just fit using a tight fit, and I think they were already more solid that the worn out original ones by Tek.

What do you think of the result?

Stay safe,


Tam Hanna

Dutchperson: if you send me a picture or a broken knob, I will try to 3D print a few for you.

With best regards

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These pre-made knobs are very nice. I have ordered a few score, of different types, to see how they will work.

I have also (because I am an American who does not understand thrift) ordered several of the $5 original manufacture press-on knobs. I have not installed them yet because I would like to try making replacement resin knobs from a silicone cast of the originals.

I will report back on both experiments.

-- Jeff Dutky


Hi Jeff, Tam,

These knob don't break beyond use, sometimes the little latch inside comes loose.
But this is an easy fix using silicone kit.

As it turns out, these knobs are made already using a 3D printer, I think.

I found this:

I don't have a 3D printer, so that's no option for me.