A few hard to find, minty service manuals available


After winding up stuff day (season) at Sphere for the year, I found a stash of almost mint Tek service manuals for some of the scopes we had on for stuff day. Before I post them up to the page, I thought I'd mention them here, in case anybody is looking for them. All of these are big and HEAVY, any one, $25.

Tek 465B 100Mhz Scope (below s/n B60K)
Tek 465B 100Mhz Scope (above B60K)
Tek 305 portable DMM/Scope
Tek 336 Digital Portable Scope
Fluke 8250A Digital Multimeter
Fairchild EMC-25 Interference Analyzer

If these can help you, please advise off list. I also found 321A and 310A printed manuals.
The stuff event will be back for Christmas Season, and the page will get re-stocked in November, until then,
you can still get anything left from summer until they are gone.

all the best,
and stay safe, no easy task right now if you are on the west coast.
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.