A6302 Current Probe - AM503B 588 Error, No DC function



I recently purchased a A6302 current probe from eBay and keep getting 588 errors on my AM503B amplifier. I purchased another AM503B amp and A6303 current probe to compare since I couldn’t determine whether it was the amp or probe causing the error. The 588 error follows the A6302 probe.

When I try and degauss, I get the error. I can use the AC amplifier and get a scope waveform similar to my working current probe. But when I put the amplifier in DC mode, the probe doesn’t give a signal at all, apart from a DC offset that cannot be adjusted with the amplifier pot. I’m trying to follow the schematics but am not seeing why this might be right off. Does anyone know why I would able to get an AC signal but not a DC? Is this the hall sensor that might be defective?





I have gone through many of these probes and the most common failure I have found is broken wires in the connector that mates to the amplifier.
Second most is issues with the hall effect sensor which would usually not cause the error that you are seeing.
On the older probes, the sensor offset was set using select on test resistors.
The newer probes have a pot with an adjustment hole near the ground terminal so you can compensate for aging easier..