FS: one only Tektronix P6511

Brad Thompson

Mlynch001 <mailto:mlynch002@...>
Tuesday, September 13, 2022 10:22 PM

I'm offering FS one only Tektronix P6511 probe in as-is and unknown working condition.
From the P6511 instruction sheet:

"The P6511 is a 10X, DC-to-300 MHz probe designed for one-time placement in a bed-of-nails or
similar fixture..." Cosmetically, the probe is clean and appears unused.
The probe resembles the passive termination pod used with  older Tek current probes.
One end features a male BNC connector for interfacing with a plug-in. The other end has
two attached cables, one of which terminates in a five-pin Lemo-style socket for attachment
to a Tek 1102 power supply, which provides +/- 5  volts DC and +/-15 volts DC to power the probe.

A second (**tiny** coaxial) cable terminates in a **tiny** socket which accommodates a replaceable
spring contact (not included).

I'm offering this probe assembly as-is for parts, repair or reincarnation as a general-purpose accessory amplifier
for $8.00 each (postage extra).

Questions welcome, PayPal honored.

Thanks, and 73--

Brad  AA1IP