My 545 and 531


Hope this is OK to blow my horn a little...

A few weeks ago posted some vids on reviewing the 545 and working 531 I have in my collection of test equipment stuff. New to posting videos.

Working 531:

Static 545:

I think when I get around to it, I will do similar with my plug in collection. Most of my plugins are in some state of operation...

I also have a 535 and 2x 547's but none are working and they are stored 3 hrs from here, so probably won't do those.

I've some other tek stuff like a TDS220 and THS720A and a PS281 bench supply, etc. I've been doing WFH in my home lab for a while. Also currently have a TPS 2024 here that belongs to my company.

So, maybe ideas for future videos.