WTB(US): 2x tektronix 7s11 & 1x tektronix 7t11


I posted this wanted ad on the eevblog forum, but someone recommended I might have more luck here. I hope this kind of post is allowed in this group.

As the title suggests, I want to purchase two 7s11 and one 7t11(a) modules for the 7000 series oscilloscope. I can't bring myself to pay the imo ridiculous ebay prices for the 7t11, and the 7s11's listed there aren't much better. I just purchased a 7904a and two s-3a sampling heads, and I'm eager to get them working. Looking to pay 200 (or more, or less, preferably less lol) + shipping for a set of these 3 modules. I'm located in USA 55033 and would drive 2 hours to meet, or just ship them. Thanks.