454A cover and mesh CRT screen


Hi all,

I really like the recently acquired 454A that has found a new home with me. The ruggedized construction definitely seems beefier than the other 400 series scopes I've played with. The 150 Mhz rated bandwidth is very conservative, I was able to easily see a 230 Mhz signal from a SG503. The cascade input mode for 400 microvolt sensitivity is a neat feature too. When I got it, was missing the front cover. The snap-in mesh screen over the CRT is pretty rough. Anybody have a cover and/or screen laying around they want to part with? You can contact me off list at radeng9805@msn.com.

Roy Thistle

Hi Radeng:
Where abouts in Africa are you? They tell me it's a big place!
(Apologies if you not in Africa... but, that's my best guess as to where your to.)
Roy Thistle


Roy, thanks for asking. I'm in outer East Kishniv...

Actually Dallas, Oregon 97338.