TEK 5111 Storage Scope - plugins needed - and repair hints.

Mattis Lind

I was looking to add a storage XY monitor to an old PDP-8/L computer with a KV8 vector drawing option. Since I was unable to find any Tek 603 or 611 or any other pure storage monitor I got myself a decently priced Tek 5111 scope. Unfortunately missing plugins but rackmout which I really wanted.

Does anyone have 5000 series plugins? A couple of differential 5A19 would be nice. Since I am only going to use it as an XY monitor a blank plugin would be great as well. I am in Sweden so shipping from Europe would probably be alright.

Then for the repair issue. I am used to a Tek 4051 computer with storage tube. When starting it up the entire screen is glowing and you have to press erase a number of times and wait for it to heat up to get the erase function to work properly. Then it stores perfectly.

This Tek 5111 isn't erasing much at all. What to check for? A general voltage check is probably a good idea. But is there some specific areas that should be checked when it is unable to erase.
Picture of the screen below:


Mattis Lind

Paul McClay

Scrolling back thru old posts...

This sounds like an interesting project. Did anything come of it?