Tek 561A available (Florida)


I was in a surplus store today in Melbourne, Florida and found a nice
looking, CLEAN, rack mount 561A that is for sale. It didn't appear to have
been drop kicked around the parking lot or left out in the weather like
most surplus and the knobs were all intact. The place doesn't seem to have
it's own website but here is a webpage about it from Yelp <
I have no idea what it's working status is but it has two plugins in it and
there is also a photocopy of the manual with it. The employees there don't
seem to even be aware of it and one of them quotes nothing but absurd E-bay
asking prices so talk to the store owner if you're interested. He likes to
move items quickly and will usually take a very reasonable price for a Cash
and Carry (no shipping!) deal. Act fast if you're interested, there are
several people in the area that snatch up things like this and tear them to
bits and then try to sell the bits on Flea-bay; and with the unbroken
knobs, etc this won't last long. This one looks too nice to let that happen
to it. The store is only a couple of miles from L3/ Harris main plant so
that is probably where it originally came from.

PS, there are some newer Tek 2xxx scopes out back but in various stages
of being smashed. But if you need parts .... No, I don't remember the
model numbers, I wasn't interested.